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Auramat® is an innovative METHOD for regenerationself massage


Mobility 55%
Flexibility 60%
Tension reliever 100%


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We only use 100% recyclable products. All Auramat® tools are made by hand with certified and eco-sustainable materials.

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About us

The combo kit is the kit chosen by professionals because it allows you to always have available all the tools of the Auramat® METHOD contained in the 100% natural cotton bag.


The Auramat® Method is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and increase their mental and physical well-being in a very short time. There are no age distinctions: the Auramat® Method is very useful for the little ones who need to explore movement through the stimulation of the sense organs, as well as for physically active adults who want to improve flexibility, reactivate circulation, learn the techniques of post effort regeneration, or who have suffered an injury. Equally useful in the elderly, in order to prevent bone fragility and neuro-cognitive decay.

The Auramat® Method and tools can only help you; using Auramat tools you will immediately realize the beneficial effects of acupressure: you will get rid of most of the tensions from the first use, you will feel the heat spreading throughout your body and you will feel an immediate sense of well-being.

You have to! After you have learned the METHOD you will have the possibility, at any time of the day, to choose which Auramat® tool to use and give you a moment of well-being: in a few minutes you will download the accumulated tensions. Body and mind will thank you!

Sure! The Auramat® training courses are open to all those who want to approach the Method and learn theory and practice.

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