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Auramat® Method is a revolutionary technique that promotes regeneration and self-massage.

An innovative personal care technique that restores balance, releases stress and promotes regeneration. Focusing on the foot, helps you regain bioenergetic vitality for overall well-being. Is accessible to all and offers immediate benefits. Embrace a happier, healthier you with Auramat® Method.


Mobility 55%
Flexibility 60%
Tension free 100%


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Our Auramat® tools are made with 100% recyclable materials, using certified and eco-friendly materials to protect the environment.

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The Auramat® Method training course includes a €120 kit starter.

We understand that professionals often find it convenient to have all the tools they need in one place. That’s why the Auramat® Method combo kit is a popular choice. It comes in a 100% natural cotton bag, which keeps the tools easily accessible whenever they are needed. Includes online registered training course with lifetime access

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The Auramat® Method is for anyone who wants to improve their well-being, regardless of age. It’s great for kids, active adults, and seniors to prevent bone fragility and cognitive decline.

Experience deep relaxation and tension relief with the Auramat® Method. Feel the warmth spread throughout your body, soothing your muscles and calming your mind. One use can make a significant improvement in your overall well-being.

With this METHOD, you can use any Auramat® tool for a quick stress-relieving experience that revitalizes your mind and body.

Definitely! If you’re keen on delving into the theory and practice of the Auramat® Method, then the training courses are open to all.

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