– What is the Auramat® Method?

The Auramat® Method aims to improve the style and quality of life through the rediscovery of the perception of one’s body and the execution of simple exercises to be carried out with the aid of specific tools. All the tools of the Auramat Method have been designed with the aim of stimulating the myofascial by exploiting the effects of pressotherapy, self-massage, reflexology and acupressure.

– Who is the Auramat® Method aimed at?

The Auramat® Method is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and increase their psychophysical well-being in a very short time. They do not exist of age: the Auramat is very useful for the little ones as it is very useful for consulting the movement through the method of the sense organs, regenerating after striving, or who have suffered an injury. Equally useful in old age, in order to prevent bone fragility and neuro-cognitive decay.

– Can the Auramat® Method be useful in case of physical or mental disability?

Absolutely yes. The Auramat® Method is useful in case of physical and mental disability and in the presence of neurodegenerative and neuromotor pathologies.
The studies recently carried out by the operators of the RNM center (neuromotor rehabilitation) of Sassari and by the UP School of Cagliari, have shown that the administration of the Auramat Method to subjects with autism (even in a severe non-verbal form) and to subjects with behavioral and easily, it allowed a quick stabilization of the tension state and a greater ease in interacting with therapists and in general with the outside world.

– What are the benefits of the Auramat® Method?

The benefits of the Auramat® Method involve both the body and the mind. On a physical level, the Auramat Method allows to reduce general and local stiffness in a rather short time, thus improving flexibility, and at the same time activates the microcirculation. The beneficial effects, obtained through self-massage, acupressure and reflexotherapy, extend to the psyche in a very short time: the release of emotional tensions will produce an immediate feeling of well-being.

– I have back problems: can I use Auramat®?

The Auramat® Method and tools can only help you; using Auramat® tools you will immediately notice the beneficial effects of acupressure: you will get rid of most of the tension from the first use, you will feel the heat spreading throughout the body and you will feel an immediate sense of well-being.

– Are there any contraindications?

No contraindications! The administration of the Auramat® Method is not recommended only in the first three months of pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance, in the presence of hypermenorrhea or in case of frequent bleeding episodes.

– Can I practice the Auramat® Method alone?

You have to! After you have learned the method you will have the possibility, at any time of the day, to choose which Auramat® Method’s tool to use and give yourself a moment of well-being: in a few minutes you will download the accumulated ones. Body and mind will thank you!



– Who are the Auramat® Method training courses aimed at?

The Auramat® Method certified training courses are aimed at teachers of fitness, Pilates, Yoga and Personal Trainers, graduates in motor science, athletic trainers and anyone interested in learning about and putting the Auramat® Method into practice. Whatever your sector of affiliation, introducing the Auramat® Method into your teaching program will give you the opportunity to enrich your lessons and make them innovative and stimulating.

– I am intrigued by the Auramat® Method: can I participate in training courses?

Of course! The Auramat® Method training courses are open to all those who want to approach the method and learn theory and practice for their own curiosity and application or to disclose it to their students who are practicing as a certified teacher.

– Is a certificate issued at the end of the Auramat® Method training courses?

Of course: at the end of each training course, a certificate relating to the level of training you have chosen is issued: first level certification, second level certification and Auramat® Method Master Trainer certification.

– By whom are Auramat® Method training courses held?

The courses are held by Auramat® Method certified Master Trainers, figures from the medical-sports and wellness world, graduates in physiotherapy and motor science, specialists in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system and fascial therapy.

– Are didactic material provided during the training courses?

Yes, included in the cost of the course, in addition to the Auramat® Method starter kit (Platform, Roller, Ball and the set of Rings for self-massage), you will be provided with the Reflexology and Acupressure Manual by Dr. Ravikant

– What is the cost of the training courses?

The cost of Auramat training courses depends on the level of learning to be achieved: the cost of the first level course is 199 Euros; the cost of the second level course is 349 Euros, while the cost of the course to obtain the certification as a Master Trainer is 499 Euros.

– Where are the exams held?

The exams to obtain the Auramat® Method Master Trainer certification are held every two years at the Academy of Acupressure Science based in Jodpur, Rajasthan, India.



– Do I have to add VAT to the prices indicated?

No, the final price of Auramat® products is as indicated.

– What are the shipping costs?

If you exceed a cost of 99,00 euros shipping is free. For each order below 99,00 euros the cost is fixed 40,00 euros.

– What are the delivery times?

20 to 40 working days;

The times indicated refer to orders placed before 11 am, from Monday to Friday.

– What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all payment methods, from bank transfer (free) to credit card with Stripe or Paypal (commissions on transaction).

– Do you ship all over Italy?

Yes, we ship throughout Italy. We do not deliver to shared addresses or PO boxes.

– Can I track my Auramat® order?

Of course! You will receive an email when your package leaves our warehouse: within the email you will find a link through which to track the shipment. Alternatively, you can track the order through your Auramat® account.

– I placed an Auramat® order: is my package insured?

Of course, your package is covered by insurance against theft and accidental damage from the moment it leaves our warehouse and until it is delivered to you.

– What time will my package be delivered?

Our courier makes deliveries between 9:00 and 21:00

– What happens if I am not present at the courier’s passage?

The courier will leave a slip to notify you of the attempted delivery and will attempt and schedule a second delivery for the next day. As indicated in our terms and conditions, the signature is not necessary to collect the package: the courier appointed by us can leave your package in a place considered safe or with your neighbors. In the event that the courier tries three times to deliver the package and the delivery fails, it will be returned to Auramat® and we will start the automatic refund process.

– I have placed an Auramat® order but I will not be home on the day of delivery, what can I do?

You can contact us and provide us with your Auramat® order number, also indicating the address to which you want the package to be delivered. However, we cannot ensure that the courier receives the address update before the delivery attempt. (Auramat® cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of a package if these are the result of specific instructions given to the courier on the delivery address).

– I entered a wrong address, what can I do?

Contact us immediately to inform us of the problem and indicate the right address, we will try to contact the courier. However, we cannot ensure that the courier receives the address update before the delivery attempt.

– Can I ask for my Auramat® package to be delivered at a certain time?

Of course! Contact us as soon as your package has left the warehouse. We cannot assure you that the courier will receive the indication of the time you have chosen before the delivery attempt, but we will do our best!

– What should I do if my Auramat® order has not yet been delivered?

If the expected delivery times for your order (standard or express) have passed and your package has not been delivered, contact us, we will be happy to help you!

– I live outside the European Union: are there any additional expenses?

Products delivered outside the European Union may be subject to duties and taxes: these amounts, if any, are charged in full to the recipient of the package. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how much these costs will be, so we recommend that you contact the customs office in your country.

– Is there an additional discount on the purchase of many pieces?

An additional 20% discount has been provided for Master Trainers or Auramat® Method Certified Centers or companies in the medical sports or wellness sector such as Pilates centers on a minimum cost of € 950.00.