Auramat Basic


This type of Auramat® platform is recommended for the first approach to the method.

The techniques of the Auramat® Method are based upon the best-known empirical and anatomically reasoned postural assessment methods such as the Mezieres or Soushard method, reason why Pilates and its techniques are easily integrated in it.

The Auramat® Method acts on two fronts: physical well-being (i.e. movement dysfunctions, prevention of overload injuries and post-trauma rehabilitation) and emotional well-being (i.e. a lifestyle improvement to refine the management and release of emotional stress).

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This type of platform is recommended for the first approach to the method. Its daily use helps to relax tense tissues and promote muscle relaxation through better stimulation of blood circulation and venous return.

Certification and Materials
Declaration of conformity AAROGYA MANDIR – Fitness Through Acupressure – Regd. No. State Govt. 162/JU 1996-97
Materials Polipropilene o Moplen – 100% Reciclable after removing magnets

Material: plastic with 30 bio-magnets
Size: cm 30 x 30
Weight: gr 500
Easily carried on cabin luggage


500 kg
30 × 30 × 4 cm


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