Auramat® Method Online Training Level 1 – basic exercises – live with master trainer supervising your progress (Copy)


Join the Auramat® Method Online Training basic exercises and experience live training with a master trainer supervising your progress.

Get a personalized-guided approach to practicing the Method.

Our courses are the result of extensive research and experience, and have been condensed all the research to provide you with information that you can apply right away into practical applications that you and your clients can benefit from.

Duration: 50 minutes actual time.

The course aims to provide hands-on experience in utilizing the tools of the Auramat® METHOD and enable participants to perform basic exercises for their own well-being or for their students who practice it.

This program is designed for students and operators who want to learn the fundamental exercises and principles of the Auramat® METHOD for their own personal training and development.

What do you need:

  • Auramat® METHOD platform
  • Gymnastics mat

Participation ticket valid for one person with private access via direct link to access the virtual room with webcam.

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